Fee structure


We support multiple payment methods which you can use to buy crypto or top up your Euro balance. It is also possible to make a bank transfer by means of. an unique code that is linked to your account. With this code you can also periodically buy crypto via an automatic banktransfer.

Here you can find an overview of the processing costs charged by the payment providers.


€ 0.35


€ 0,35 + 2,25%

iban banktransfer

€ 1.00

Online Uberweise

€ 0,35 + 2,25%


€ 0,35 + 1%


€ 0,35 + 3,75%


€ 0,35 + 2,25%


€ 0,35 + 4,75%

Trading fees

For buying and selling crypto you pay a standard amount (platform fees) and a percentage fee (Knaken fee) on the purchase or sale amount.

  • Platform fee - € 0.75
  • Knaken fee - 0.99%

As Family Members you do not pay a Knaken fee. When placing an order you first pay the full amount. If your order is successful, you will receive the kickback. The Knaken fee that was paid for the execution of the order will then be refunded to your account. Want to read more about Knaken Family?

Read our blog here.

Withdrawal costs

Crypto withdrawal fees

For crypto withdrawals you pay transaction fee to the miners/validators of the relevant blockchain. These costs can vary per day/hour and are included in the price. If you opt for emergency withdrawal, these costs will be increased. The transaction fee are deducted from the crypto you withdraw.

Euro withdrawal fees

For withdrawing Euro to your bank account you pay standard processing fee. Urgent recording is also possible.

  • Normal withdrawal € 0.50
  • Emergency withdrawal fee is 1% of the total amount with a maximum of € 100.-

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